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Peter Blauner
Sunrise Highway

Sunrise Highway

Coming September 4th!

In the summer of Star Wars and Son of Sam, a Long Island schoolgirl is found gruesomely murdered. A local prosecutor turns a troubled teenager known as JT from a suspect to a star witness in the case, putting away a high school football star who claimed to be innocent. Forty years later, JT has risen to chief of police, but there's a trail of a dozen dead women that reaches from Brooklyn across Long Island, along the Sunrise Highway, and it's possible that his actions actually enabled a killer.

That's when Lourdes Robles, a relentless young Latina detective for the NYPD, steps in to track the serial killer. She discovers a deep and sinister web of connections between the victims and some of the most powerful political figures in the region, including JT himself. Now Lourdes not only has to catch a killer, but maybe dismantle an entire system that's protected him, possibly at the cost of her own life.

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Starred Review: "Bestseller Blauner's excellent sequel...connects two strong story lines—the discovery of a body washed up on a beach in Far Rockaway, Queens, and a trail of murdered women along Long Island's Route 27 (aka Sunrise Highway) that dates back to 1977. The case involving the body found on the beach—a badly decomposed pregnant woman with stones lodged in her throat—resonates with NYPD Det. Lourdes Robles, whose sister has been missing for six months. But as she begins to find connections between the killing and numerous murders out of her jurisdiction in Suffolk County, she becomes entangled with police chief Joey Tolliver, a charmer who has more than a few skeletons in his closet. The intertwining narratives—Robles's investigation and Tolliver's shadowy backstory—make for an action-packed and plot twist-laden thriller. Exploring such subjects as police corruption, misogyny, and racism, this is a page-turner of the highest order."
   —Publishers Weekly (read the full review)

Starred Review: "A string of murders on Long Island leads a New York cop into a web of corrupt police officers and politicians in this first-rate suspense novel.... Blauner excels with strong, realistic characters, believable police work, and smart, propulsive dialogue. A highly readable and unnervingly close-to-home view of power in the service of evil."
   —Kirkus Reviews (read the full review)