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The Intruder

Jake Schiff is a successful New York lawyer trying to do right by his family. John Gates is a deranged homeless man barely surviving on the streets. Their worlds collide violently when Jake’s wife Dana tries to help John as a psychiatric patient. John decides that Jake has somehow usurped the life that was meant for him. He begins showing up outside the Schiffs’ house and demanding his family back. Suddenly everything is called into question. Including the matter of who the real intruder is. A tale of two lives and two cities.


“An excellent book.”
Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Gripping… convincing… richly imagined… A harrowing, compelling read.”
The New York Times

“The best novel I’ve read in years. It has great characters, a great story, a great heart. If you want comparisons, I can’t give you any. There aren’t any. I think Peter Blauner is better than Grisham, better than Patricia Cornwell. I loved The Intruder! Loved, loved, loved it.”
—James Patterson

“Brilliant…A virtuoso performance.”
Associated Press

The Intruder might be the best novel about the paranoia of living in New York ever written… One of the best pure-New York novels in years.”
New York Daily News

“Deft… nuanced… Blauner harnesses his astute take on the city to a solid thriller… The Intruder possesses energy and a real zest for the city.”
USA Today

“More than a story about a man protecting his family. It’s about a man losing faith—in love, in God, in humanity—and the possibility of regaining it.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“A knockout.”
Detroit Free Press

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